Closing the adherence gap for a better healthcare

Closing the adherence gap is important to initiatives that improves the quality of healthcare, encourage better chronic care management, and promote better health outcomes.

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About us

About SenseMed

SenseMed is a SAAS software platform that uses IoT devices to connect doctors, patients and the Pharma industry, to improve adherence to the treatment of disease with prescription medicines.

Our mission

Close the adherence gap to improve the quality of healthcare

SenseMed App

For the ones that cares for your health follow your treatment and location.

SenseMed App
The cost of nonadherence has been estimated at $100 billion to $300 billion annually PhRMA, 2015


Messages from your doctor

Receive in your SenseMed Watch and App important messages from your doctor about your treatment

When to take your medicine

Receive alerts from SenseMed when it is time to take your medicine and much more

Easily track the patient

SenseMed Watch has an GPS location functionality. The ones that care for you will be able to help you any time you need, just use the SOS button.

Physical activity

SenseMed Watch can measure your physical activity and heart rate, store this data, send it to your doctor and still issue alerts according to the specific needs of each patient.


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